So this past month has been a little weird for me and I am wondering if others find the same obsessions that I do. I have been obsessing over a Vlogger on YouTube for over a month now. Her name is Casey Holmes and she lives in Georgia. I have found myself spending hours on her YouTube  channel watching makeup tutorials, and my new favorite thing Vlogmas (20 daily posts leading up to Chirstmas). I can’t get enough of her!

I quickly started following her on everything I possibly could, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it! I have even watched her get ready on this new thing called Facebook Live. It’s kind of like Skype only she can’t see you or talk to you back, but you can watch her and write comments to her that she reads and talks about. I have gone a little crazy and even purchased a few of the same things that she either owns or talks about in her videos. Actually it’s a little more than a few things, but who’s counting!?

When her notifications pop up on my phone I quickly start analyzing my day to see if I can find the perfect time  to sit down and watch Casey’s new Vlog! I don’t think my obsession with her will stop and I am afraid to look into other YouTubers like her because I don’t want to be disappointed when they aren’t as amazing as she is. If you want to check out this amazingly beautiful chick for yourself then look her up on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter at @itsbl0ndie.


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