True life: I’m Addicted to Vlogs

addicted vlog
I used to think that my roommate was weird when she would be in her room watching makeup YouTubers instead of listening to me talk. I would always yell for her through the door asking what she was doing and if she was busy, and she would yell back, “yeah I’m watching one of my girls, sorry.” Like thanks Nicole. *insert eye roll emoji*
Now I’m Nicole and watching YouTubers is my new obsession. I watch one in particular, Casey Holmes; I’m obsessed with her so much. I will talk to my friends and tell them about Casey like I actually know her and she is my best friend. In fact, yesterday I got so upset because she uploaded a YouTube video right before she did a makeup tutorial on Facebook live and I couldn’t watch her YouTube channel until she was done being Live.
I know I kind of sound pathetic and like I have no life, but I honestly didn’t understand Nicole until it happened to me. I have bought so many make up products from watching Casey because she recommends them. She is very honest with her opinions and she will tell you if she likes it or not. I also love that she is on a drug store makeup kick right now instead of just trying on high end things. This is so great because everyone has access to them and they won’t break your bank when you try to look as gorgeous as her…
I have to warn you about the addiction because it’s so good you won’t be able to stop. I have tried to find other YouTubers that I like, but none compare to my first love. I do however, life Jaclyn Hill, but I wish she used products that were a little more affordable like Casey. I won’t hold it against her though because I can relate to her personality when she is doing her channel. These two ladies have created such success for themselves through their YouTube channels, and I applaud them for it. I don’t understand the hate they receive for their fame because one they have had to work really hard to get where they are, and you don’t have to watch them if you don’t want to. There’s already too much hate in this world, and maybe watching YouTuber Vloggers is your new thing too.

Casey Holmes YouTube:
Jaclyn Hill YouTube:

I would also like to give another shout out to a non-makeup YouTuber who is Joe Santagato ( ). I have got out of so many bad moods by watching his channel because he is genuinely funny.

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